January 5th, 2005

Self greenhair

Just another day.

Still having a great time here. Hot kinky sex in the morning, played Daggerfall a lot, went out to eat at night, and my fortune cookie said "Although it feels like a rollercoaster now, life will calm down." - appropriate, I guess. Even when adding the obligatory "in bed" at the end. Less than a week until I go back to my regular lifestyle.

After coming back, I went outside with my camera to get more used to it. Lots of blurry pictures, but a few good ones (namely ones where I used the flash)

I figure these are scaled down far enough to post without cutting.

<- That would be Dusty
Ninja of the Night

oh, and..

Funny stuff that happened in Daggerfall.

(Sny needs to find an inn named The Dead Dog. Asks random bypasser)

Sny: "Greetings, good mate. I need to find The Dead Dog."
Random guy: "Freakin' Argonian. Always beggin' us common folk fer help. Whattya done fer me lately?"
(switch to blunt speech)
Sny: "Okay. Where the hell is The Dead Dog?"
Random guy: "What you're going to want to do is go The Dead Dog is southeast of where we're standing."


Yes, we are playing an Argonian (lizard man) named Snydley Whiplash. Oh, and he's also a werewolf now. Got infected, and those stat bonuses are sweet. Need to get the Hircine ring to enjoy the benefits without the drawbacks, though.

Also, the Mages' Guild of Sentinel kept asking us to kill a mad wizard, located in Sentinel. I guess that means Castle Sentinel. ::sweatdrop::
No way I'm entering that dungeon for any other reason than to do main storyline quests.
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