January 13th, 2005

Self greenhair

Jetlag is fun, ne?

Slept, woke up, slept again, am now being awake again, at 1:30 and it feels much earlier. Since it's past midnight in the time zone that counts (in this case at least),

Happy birthday! to nursemette, and to meeee~

Yes, I have someone on my friendslist I share a birthday with. ^_^

Just watched Naruto 118 raw, and all I have to say Collapse )
女暗部 - flowers

"Graaaah! iki CRUSH!"

That doesn't work very well, does it? Why am I upset? Well, upset is an exaggeration. Just resigned, annoyed, quite possibly whining. It's not that big of a deal, but still..

I opened up my friends of friends page, and there it was, in huge text.. "You are toilet paper" followed by a somewhat large image of a roll of toilet paper, and a humorous text describing the similarities between toilet paper and the quiz taker.

It makes me just want to cry.

I'm not going to go into some long rant here, and I don't intend this in any way to admonish anyone on my friends page for posting too many memes (because you post lots of interesting entries as well).

I just want to say "Thanks for the sanity" to the people who post few or no memes. Because it could be a lot worse.

In other news, I am starting to get re-accustomed to using a norwegian keyboard layout. I had to use an american one while visiting niichan, because with a norwegian layout, certain keys were simply not there or in a whole different location. Getting used to an american layout was far easier than never being able to write < and >, and remembering that apostrophe takes up a space that is part of the return key on the type of keyboard I am used to.

This is the first time I've had any jet lag to speak of. It's almost morning. ::sigh::
This place is so empty without her. All I can do is believe in her awesomeness, that she will make it back home. She's not the kind of kitty who gives up. Furthermore, there's practically no snow here, and she is an accomplished huntress. She's gone off exploring and returned before.
But what if I never see her again, and never find out what happened? How can I expect her to find the way back, when the journey was done mainly by train, and she was hiding under the seat most of the way? What if she feels that I abandoned her?
女暗部 - prayer for Hayate

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Was awakened by the phone ringing. Charity is still unwanted solicitation (in other words spam), and I reserved my number from both types of calls when I did that, oh, almost a year ago. But I was too dazed to even tell the guy that.

I hate refusing to aid people in need, thus I don't want to be asked. I still donate to charities sometimes, I just hate being forced to say yes or no.

And I hate being called by someone who is neither family nor friend. The reason I have a phone is to communicate with people I care to have communication with, and in the unlikely event of my DSL being down, inform my ISP of the issue. It is not an invitation to companies to solicit my business.

And then a cat peeked its head through my still broken (You didn't really think Jan would fix it like he promised, did you?) ventilation hatch. But it was not Odessa.

Instead I was visited by this charming young man, who at first seemed shy that there were someone in the room, but at not being chased away, entered and ate a few pieces of cat food. I was reminded of how hard it is to take good pictures of cats.

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[site update]

whee, I was on a roll today. Added fourteen characters to the list.. Kouji, Futaba, Matsuri, Hibari (classmates of Konohamaru, episode 56), Kazekage, Genma, the original ino-shika-chou trio, the sound four, and skipping everything in between to the present to add Kimimaro (temporary image from the manga as there hasn't been a clear shot of his face in the anime yet)

Also added the rest of the special jounin profiles - planning on adding more content later, and though I spent a good deal of time checking which episodes each character appeared in, there's still more work to be done.

During this work though, I noticed something interesting. Raidou is absent from the funeral in episode 80.
I suppose he was hospitalized. Or he could have been standing right next to Genma where the camera cut off, but.. they showed a lot of characters there. Even Tonbo. I don't see how they could forget to draw Raidou when they remembered extremely minor characters whose names are not widely known.

My dad, my aniki and my mother all remembered to call me for my birthday (so I got to talk to my two youngest siblings too).. that makes just one family member who didn't call me. Awesome.
Put in an ad on nettkatten.no, a site for missing and found cats in Norway. Though I doubt she'd let anyone near her, just a report that she has been spotted somewhere could be extremely helpful.