January 22nd, 2005

Kuchiki Rukia - Not an Artist

[Matsuri update] and [Torskfaktor] (Thank the powers that be that they are two separate events)

Like I said yesterday, I wasn't about to just give up on the new motherboard, and it was no longer in use because the owner had gotten a new and better one, not because it was broken.

I took one of the 256MB sticks from Lorelai and put it in. No errors. I tried in both of the other ram banks. Still no errors. I tried putting in the 128MB stick in addition: errors.

So I put the 128MB stick into Lorelai, ran a full memtest, no issues whatsoever. So Lorelai now has 640MB ram instead of 768. Poor Secunda has nothing. I also put Secunda's network card into Matsuri. Might as well take the old CD burner and transfer it too. But later, I'm a bit tired of this. Still haven't installed an OS on Matsuri, but it should work now.

Torskfaktor : A term used in game reviews in a Swedish (at times Swedish-Norwegian) computer magazine in the early nineties. The torskfaktor was the measurement of things such as bad controls, sluggishness, or, as it came to mean to my family: being accident-prone. Whenever someone, my little sister in particular, would do something like twisting her ankle, falling face first into a puddle or whatever, we'd all shout "Torskfaktor!" XD
Torskfaktor always seemed more prevalent in the females of my extended family: My cousin Signhild has fallen out of a second-story window, off the pier into the ocean, and from a cliff into a river, at least one of those (the window, I think) multiple times. She had torskfaktor, badly. (Haven't heard of any accidents of hers for years, I guess she grew out of it)

So anyway, a few days ago I bought some super glue with the intent of gluing together a broken glass vase... opened it, removed the part the instructions said to remove, put the nozzle back on.. and a large amount of glue splashed onto my left hand.

First I put the cap back on tightly so the glue wouldn't become useless. I assessed the damage, just one drop had spilled onto the pillow on my bed, the rest was on my hand. I hurried to the bathroom to rinse it off... but by that time, my hand was already glued together. Well pancakes.

Note to self: when you get instant glue on your hand, spread your fingers apart, or at the very least don't get your hand stuck to itself in a strange position.

But several minutes of holding my hand under running water, applying soap and shower oil and rubbing a lot loosened the grip of the glue, and I have regained full mobility. I still have some glue residue on my hand, but I've been peeling it off for a while now, there's not much left.

Of course, while trying to free my fingers, my thought kept returning to the mischief value of instant glue. Especially what I could do to annoy my annoying housemate, but.. he'd know it was me, so I'm not going to. It's a very immature thing to do, I should just tell him to stop stealing my food. Vengeance solves nothing. But it'd be fun, and I want to do it.

Then I glued the smaller shards of the vase together, so I now only have two large parts to fit. Will do that later. Now is the time to see if I can install an OS on Matsuri, and hopefully that OS will be FreeDOS, and Daggerfall will run perfectly. But I wouldn't count on that.
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Ninja of the Night

[Matsuri update] (yes, again) w00t!

So here I am, online from Matsuri running Ubuntu Linux.

And.. stuff. Still need to get this thing to realize I have a Norwegian keyboard. And I need to tamper with FreeDOS to give it CD-rom support so I can play Daggerfall.

It'll be fun to try to transfer my saves. Ao-chan is old. Windows 95 old. No USB. No burner. No network card.

Yes, floppy drive.
It has an ISDN card too, so I could connect to the internet and slowly upload the saves somewhere.
Actually, now that I think about it, I could just put the hard drive in another computer temporarily.