January 27th, 2005

Cats glow in the Dark

Quiet day at work so far.

Time to bring out those pancaked laptops and tinker with them, I guess. At least then I won't feel guilty for not doing anything..

..not that I really feel guilty about that. It's not like I'm getting paid for this job.

Let me try to explain.. I'm basically doing unpaid work, but I get paid by aetat, the government-run employment agency. Every two weeks, I submit an electronic report card where I tell them I've done zero hours of paid work, no absence due to illness, no absence due to other reasons, and they pay me. If I do paid work, it'd be subtracted from the sum they give me, and a certain amount of paid work would make me lose my support altogether. That's supposed to be the goal, naturally.. But that means I'd need to find a job that pays enough.. see, they don't care how much my hourly pay is, just how many hours of paid work I do.. yeah.

Thinking up good questions to ask people for the interview meme is tougher than I expected it to be. Have patience, I'll get around to it. If you haven't answered it yet, you are still welcome to.

Month is drawing close to the end.. and I still have the last 2/5ths of the book left to read, but that shouldn't be a problem.
My little brother's birthday is on the 31st of January.. he turns.. 16? I still can't get over the fact that my sister is 18 now. Anyway, I need to get my bro a present.. a cheap but not cheapo one. I gave him a slinky for giftmas. :P
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Needed: Katamari Damacy

Both my aniki and I want to play Katamari Damacy. His roommate has an US PS2, so all we need is the game. Most stores, amazon included, will not ship US games to Europe, so we are dependent on someone acting as proxy, to buy the game and ship it here.

So, any volunteers? (And how do you want to be paid back for it?)
green tea

Kitchen Experiments

I had originally planned to try this yesterday, but I ended up munching on the mushrooms until there were none left..

Mushrooms filled with feta cheese.
Pretty simple, I just removed the stems and peeled off the skin, and stuffed the caps with feta cheese. Put them in the oven at 250ºC for.. err, forgot to time it. Over ten minutes, because that's what I set the timer to and it was ringing when I came back downstairs to check on them.

Pretty good, but needs more mushrooms and more feta, I finished the small batch all too quickly.
There's also the problem of the mushrooms leaking water. May try to pre-cook the mushrooms a bit the next time.

Also had some Lung Ching, which is my first love I always return to as far as tea is concerned. ^_^


Random observation: I like the guy who lives here right now (friend of the landlady, seen him before, been here for a few days).. he cleans the kitchen, doesn't leave any mess anywhere, doesn't play loud music, doesn't stink of cigarettes, doesn't watch TV until the wee hours.. In other words, none of the annoyances that come with Jan. XD

Casi: I'm ripping one of my favorite CDs at dial-up friendly 112kbps for you. You can find it on my FTP under music/112kbps.. still ripping, but it rips faster than you can download, so you won't be able to catch up to it before it finishes. :P

Anyone else: you are also welcome to grab whatever off my FTP. My IP hasn't changed, you can find the login details in this post (friends only for my safety).