January 28th, 2005

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Fifteen minutes on hold for a one-minute conversation.. ngh.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday, telling me I had an appointment for pre-operation examination March the fifth. This being from the public hospital my doctor contacted. I already had my surgery this summer, at a private hospital, so I had to call to cancel this one.

And their phone hours are 8:30 to 13:00 monday to friday, so the only chance I have of calling is in the morning. So I called shortly after they opened, and was on hold for fifteen minutes. Telling them I had already had my surgery took about a minute. Jeez. They couldn't have just supplied an e-mail address? Or at least given an indication of how long I'd had to wait, so I could go fix myself breakfast instead of waiting?

Although I wouldn't mind having a second breast reduction surgery.. >_> I'm not sure how wise it is to operate on the same area after less than a year

Soo, friday. I'm actually looking forward to going to work today, oddly enough. Did some actual work yesterday, without having to be told to do it, and that made me feel good. Naturally I did plenty of slacking off, reading my book or LJ.. But that's very normal when the computer one works on is busy downloading/installing updates and such. ^_^

Felt like my life returned to some semblance of normality yesterday. As long as I don't think about Odessa, I am able to experience short moments of happiness. And that makes me feel a little bit guilty, as if I'm supposed to be drowning in angst because someone very precious to me is lost and I may never see her again.

Got lots of support, ideas and well-wishes from fellow readers of kittenbreak on the day of the tortie kitty.. Contacting each veterinarian and animal shelter between here and mom's place will require extensive research. Will try to do it during any downtime today.

Time to shuffle off to work, right after I finish this mug of Sencha.
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Made it safely back home.

Starved. Had a mug of sencha for breakfast, a börek on my way to work, some chocolate while there and three bananas on the way home. I need some real food.

I say that, but then I go make ramen. -_-'

My sister is visiting me Saturday night. My little brother wants her to pick up the books I agreed to lend him, so I need to venture into the attic again.. which I needed to anyway, need to move away the box Matsuri's case came in.

Need to do laundry and various household chores. Running out of hard drive space again. Low on money. Not meaning to complain about it; I'm fine. I have food, I have a small amount of spare cash, I'm being paid again on wednesday.

Finally broke out of my stupor and started sewing kitty hat attempt #2. Been feeling a little guilty about leaving it on hold for this long.. heh, as if I have an obligation to finish it.. I feel more guilty about not writing the $WINTERHOLIDAY Chinese New Year cards yet.

I sometimes wonder if I disappoint people when I don't address the interest we have in common for a while.. if I go over a month without updating my site.. If it would cause someone to "unsubscribe" to (unfriend) my LJ.. But my fears are probably unfounded. No one has ever told me I need to post more about subject X.