February 4th, 2005


More kitty goodness..

After my recent discovery of kittenbreak (daily cat pic, always lj-cut) on croaky's friendspage, I've joined a few more kitty-related communities.

From the profile of a random person in mock_the_stupid, I found kitty_lovin and kittypix yesterday.

kittypix is high volume, usually 20 to 30 posts per day.

Then I found tortielove.. wow. A community dedicated to tortoiseshell cats.

Planning to visit Foreningen for Omplassering av Dyr (FOD) after work today - got instructions on how to get there printed out. They're the only animal shelter I know of (haven't been there before), and while I don't think they have Odessa, I have to go look, and also ask them if they have equipment for scanning microchips.. and to give them a missing poster so they will know her if someone hands her over to them. Haven't been able to get to a color printer yet, so black and white will just have to do.

And my IP changed last night, so a locked post will follow this one with FTP login details.
Hiding in plain sight

Completely alone at work today..

I'd leave early, but FOD doesn't open until 18:00, so I'll be early even if I wait until 16:00 to leave work.

I wonder.. the directions trafikanten.no gave me said that it'd take 30 minutes by public transportation to get there, and FOD's website say they are a 15-minute walk from the nearest bus stop.

Could I.. walk? All the way there? I'm tempted to try.

Am still going to wait longer before departing, and researching the route.

Kind of wish I had a memory card reader here at work.. Got a few more photos of magpies on the way to work, but can't tell if they turned out any good until I get to see them full size. Maybe I should read my camera's manual to see if it has a function to zoom on the picture to view it in full size, like my dad's camera does. But doubt it.. I've explored the options pretty thoroughly, and seen no indication of such a feature.
I am evil


After much hassle, I have finally been able to bring up FOD's location on a map. Stupid trafikanten.no java map that only works in IE, but doesn't display æ, ø or å right, and fails to bring up any addresses containing those characters.. and of both the roads given for reference do. finn.no/kart worked better.

That's quite a bit outside of my normal walking range, even on a good day. Maybe I'd walk if it was summer and I was completely rested, but I haven't slept well lately.

I'll walk downtown from work, and take the bus the rest of the way. That way I can also stop by some post office to get stamps for the two and a half cards I have written today. (Still working on the third card)

writer's block sucks. You girls won't blame me if the cards sound lame, right? At least they're pretty cards.

wheee|back home

Very, very tired.
And jan is here, with one guest, playing loud music and smoking in the house too. Probably pot, it doesn't stink as much as regular tobacco does.

But Katamari Damacy arrived today. That's a great thing.

Anyway, after work I first stopped by a post office to mail off cards to kimivalkyrie, naiad_kitty and madamemonday. Hopefully more cards will be written later.

I visited FOD and got to meet lots of nice kitties - and verified that they do have equipment to scan microchips, and they do that to all incoming cats, so if they got ahold of Odessa I would be notified pretty soon. Got info of other places and websites to check out.

I need a spy camera. If I went downstairs with my digicam to secure proof, they'd know it. Considering getting up early tomorrow, while jan will still be a zombie, to get some blackmail material.
Blackmail? Nah, I'm not going to blackmail him. I'll show the pictures to his mom if they are incriminating enough, no matter how much he'd offer me not to. Because I know I wouldn't get the money anyway.. he's been thrown out of more than one place he's been living for not paying the rent, which is why he returns to his mom's house every so often.

Anyway.. Finally, I have tea. Am going to enjoy it together with some anime.