February 8th, 2005

Hiding in plain sight


I only got four mugs of tea today.. One for breakfast at home, three at work. The cafeteria closed at 12:23, a full seven minutes before it should. I would have gotten another if people weren't such slackers, leaving work early. I swear, I'm one of the two people in the entire building still here at 15:00..

Anyway, back to work.. Whee, grunt work today. Rolling posters. Boring, and a papercut hazard, but at least I get the feeling that I'm actually doing something instead of just using the company bandwidth to surf LJ.
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08/02/2005 [18:55:31] *** You are being logged off MSN Messenger. Reason: "MIG"

and then lots of reconnection attempts with Error Code: 0 follow. What the heck is this?

anyway, blah, bored. Finally settled down a bit, got some food and a nice hot cup of Sencha.. Tired.

I find myself sometimes applying the ?show=P filter to my friends page now.. I have about as many community memberships as personal journals friended. A lot of the communities are near dead, but then there are some with 20+ posts per day.. It's nice to be able to just tune it out like that.

And I feel a little alone and isolated.