February 22nd, 2005



36 GB free space.. hasn't been that high in ages.

on the other hand, I've never (for the ~4 years I've lived here, anyway) had as little money in my account as I have right now.. comes with just having paid several bills.

FISH! I made a delicious dinner tonight, from pretty much just fish and rice. Frying the fish over slow heat, using real butter, sea salt and white pepper. Tossing in a cube of fish bouillon with the brown basmati rice.

It was good. ^_^

In other news, playing FFTA on my GBA while bored at work is cutting into my reading time. Am a bit alarmed at this. Part of me secretly hopes the batteries will run out. But as long as it doesn't completely consume my bored-at-work time, I should have no trouble at all finishing the current book before the end of the month.

Odessa has started going outside more. Maybe in a week I'll go back to shutting her out of the house while I'm gone for work, so my room won't be freezing when I get back.
But she's always indoors when I return. I'm letting her enjoy the privilege of free access to the indoors a little bit longer.