February 23rd, 2005

Cow on a hill

Ack, cold.

I guess I'll wear another layer of clothing today. -11ºC (12ºF) now, and it doesn't get much warmer during the day.

And apparently there's an email virus going around.. I got three of them this morning, all to the same account, which traditionally gets no spam except the occasional dictionary attack that hits one of its aliases. Have removed the alias.

I don't want to lock Odessa out when it's this cold, but if I leave the hatch unlocked, she'll probably open it and it'll be incredibly cold in here when I return. I hope she just.. doesn't go out today. Hey, it happened on Monday.

I feel like doing something about my site again.. it's probably been a month again since I touched it. Been looking into getting a guestbook script.. I desire feedback from my visitors, and I'm not getting any without a guestbook.

Well.. time to shuffle off to my meaningless job, where I guzzle tea and amuse myself by reading LJ and playing FFTA.. In other words, stuff I do at home, only without the kitty.
Hiding in plain sight

Because I like making snarky comments at memes

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My room was not as cold as I had feared when I came back.. The Lady Odessa must have only recently went out. She was, of course, resting in my bed when I opened the door. Then she went outside and puked. EWWWWW. Steaming pile of half-digested cat food. But no signs of parasites, at least. Maybe she just over-ate or something.

In more positive news, she is showing an interest in playing with toy mice again.

rekenner just linked to this news article in #asr. It still sends me into gigglefits.

And while on my way to work this morning, I randomly remembered a game I enjoyed a lot on the Amiga. It was either freeware or shareware, made by some Finnish guy whose name I of course can't remember, because they have weird names so that even I could know that he couldn't be of any other nationality.

The game was simply titled "Knights" and was a two-player bird's eye view dungeon crawl, featuring multiple different weapons, vampire bats and zombies, treasures, traps, and several scenarios with different solutions. I loved that game, and I have an urge to dig through my stuff in the attic and retrieve my old A1200.. But I may not find the disk. Might not be on my hard drive. And I don't have the space in my room for yet another computer.

I just randomly remembered the game. I think of the strangest, most illogical things while out walking.

Oh pancakes, it's bedtime already. I wanted to do more stuff today... like having dinner. Ah well, I guess I'm staying up late tonight.