March 6th, 2005

Rock Lee - 愛!

Na na~ na na na na na na na na katamari damashii~


It's been an awesome day. Sigmund arrived here yesterday evening, and we had tea and watched Beyond the Clouds and episodes 104 to 108 of One Piece. I can't believe he didn't already watch all the episodes I burned for him last time.. normally he is far more voracious than me. Anyway, over to today:

Woke up a tad late, since we were up past midnight yesterday. Had a simple breakfast, and I started making the apple cake while Sigmund watched more One Piece.. though near the end he helped out a bit too. Since this thing needed near an hour in the oven and it was time to leave, we brought the unfinished cake with us to bake it at aniki's place. Very good idea, since it'd have cooled off too much on the way otherwise. I got tons of compliments. ^_^
Enjoyed the cake very much myself.
Anyway, played Katamari Damacy some. I cleared Make a Star 8 (required: 12m, I got 17m 19cm and something).
We also watched Appleseed (the new movie, not the old OVA), and checked out Suikoden 4. Weird that it got a PAL release when the third game of the series never did.

Oh yeah, and we played munchkin. Not quite as fun as it was with Seth, Sean and spoon, I guess because I was the one to explain the rules and I don't know them by heart myself. But still fun, and they enjoyed it.. will probably be better next time.

Pizza was also consumed.

All in all, it was a great day. Lots of laughter shared. I thoroughly enjoyed my brothers' company. Felt like being family again.

Sigmund decided to stay with aniki overnight, but he's coming back here tomorrow, before our mother gets here to pick him up after church. I walked home, it was only -5ºC and I was well clothed. It actually got above freezing during the day!

And am obviously going to bed now. Also, while I am not up to date on my friendslist, I am up to date on all the personal journals. I'll try to remember to read the feeds and communities tomorrow.
I love the show=P filter.
oooo! shiny ! (bubbles)

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Just a heads up for those of you who love beautiful icons, there's a meme going on here. Still not too late to get an icon from a random interest. I got this one. ^_^

obsessiveicons has awesome icons.


Haven't heard from Sigmund yet. He'll have to stop by here before going home anyway, as he left his backpack, and I need to burn him some more One Piece.

Did laundry and dishes, and took a bunch of photos of Odessa. Will probably spend the rest of the day watching stuff, freeing up hard drive space and drinking tea.
Weekends should be three days.
Ten days until payday.
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End of the weekend..

It just hit me how I haven't been to the pond since before I got my camera. I'll try to go next weekend.

Can't do it on a weekday; even if I were not exhausted from work, it'd be dark before I could get there. That's the main reason I don't like working.. all that time wasted.

For a moment I fancied the idea of saving up for half a year and buying Photoshop CS. But then I realized that if I had that much money, I'd much rather buy a new monitor. If only it cost half of what it did.. but I'd probably still go for a new monitor.

I need a new bed and chair too. My income just isn't sufficient to live a middle class lifestyle. And when did I last get a haircut? I think it was this summer..

Maa, I didn't intend for this to be a whiny entry, so on to another point I wanted to write about..

In my indecisiveness, I often have the urge to ask others to make decisions for me. Stuff like which kind of tea I should have (sometimes I spend more time making my mind up than making the tea), what I should do with my time, how I should prioritize my spending..
Have any thoughts about this?

From where I stand, it doesn't really seem like letting others' run my life.. I make all the truly important decisions myself.. I may ask for opinions, and they are likely to influence my decision, but they won't make the decision for me.

Made a new icon for nagamori, from a photo I took today. The only one out of 34 pictures that turned out pretty good. Cats are hard to take good photos of..

I need someone to link with in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.
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