March 8th, 2005

TenTen - Invisible

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Just a few minutes ago, I got an email alerting me that I have a package to pick up at my local post office.

Yeah, the one that I picked up on friday. The one where I actually got the notify slip in the mail before I picked it up.

Seriously, what's the point? If the email arrives four days after the snail mail notify..

And now off to work.
TenTen - Invisible

And now I find myself wishing I had linux on my work computer so I could get used to it faster.


Well, I do have the Ubuntu "Live CD".. I could run it without installing. XD

Installed the software for my digital camera. When it was done installing, it said "Installation has completed successfully. Please restart your computer.".. and the choices of "Ja" (yes) and "Nei" (no).

So I said no. I'm not going to reboot, not even when you say please.

Oh, and I can't use it anyway, because the camera does not use a regular USB mini A connection. I could've sworn that was the cable they supplied with it. Will have to check when I get back home.

Too many things on my to-do list.. stuff I should do, need to do, and want to do.
I'd like to set up the C64 again and see if I can get it to work. But I really should clean my room first.. And find a way to deal with all the dust.
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Downtime because of hardware upgrade


Time to give Lorelai the other gigabit NIC.

Since I'll lose my uptime (going on 18 days) anyway, I ran windows update.. it both amused and irked me when at the end, after I chose not to immediately reboot, there was a note at the bottom saying something akin to "to reboot manually, click start, select blah blah and so on".. initially I thought "Jeez, whoever knows how to run windows update manually knows how to reboot the computer."

Then immediately afterwards it hit me.. "Start menu? Ha, I can't shut down using those instructions, I don't have a start menu"

I less than three litestep.
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Once I booted up after the hardware change, Windows XP informed me that my hardware had changed significantly since the OS was initially installed, and asked me to activate windows again.

But that was done painlessly after I installed the drivers, getting connectivity again. First time it has asked me to re-activate.. and I've had numerous hardware changes over the years.

Now, a problem: My darling router has assigned me the IP of

All these years I've been - if I can't find a way to give it my old IP back, I'm going to have to manually edit a lot of port forwardings. What a pain.

So, while I have connectivity.. it's limited.

I guess the router saw a new MAC address and gave it an IP that hadn't been used before.

Edit; Yeah! I found a secluded menu in the router configuration where I could reserve an IP address for a specific MAC address. Reserved for Lorelai's new NIC's MAC address, and I am back in business. ^_^