March 12th, 2005


Be back in a few hours..


Heading out to the pond now.. Haven't been there for months. Long before I got my camera.

I usually don't go there during the winter, but today's weather is nice, and the temperature is hovering just around the point of freezing, which is tolerable as long as there's not too much windchill.

Pictures will be posted shortly after my return.
Hiding in plain sight

Photos. Lots of them.

Was gone for two hours, and took 120 photos.
Naturally I only show off the better ones here.

Last three is from the previously mentioned vantage point - you can see the fjord from there.
2048x1536-pixel originals available upon request, should you for any reason want them - I resized all of these to 400 pixels wide.

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And after I got home, I made apple cake. Yay!