March 15th, 2005

Chuunin - Kamizuki Izumo

Note to self:

Self, when posting comments in Norwegian to your sister, forgo the spellcheck. There'll be a lot of red regardless of your spelling, and depending on the length of the comment, you have a long way to scroll down to the post button.

I wish I had more free time than I knew how to spend.. I'd offer a certain fansub group my services as a proofreader/grammar checker.. These guys seriously need help, coming up with stuff like "Why did you asked me out for a drink?".. But they only have one episode left to release of the series in question.
The series took a turn for the worse after one of the main characters got pregnant, and decided to keep the baby after all. Of course it got even worse after the birth.. Now it seems that none of the characters can say a simple sentence without the word "baby" in it..

And the thing is portrayed so unrealistically. The only times the thing cries is when it's sick (plot point), and when one of the other plot characters is absent (also plot point - "come back, the baby misses you!")

Heh, and Odessa was lying beside me as I watched the episode - she was visibly distressed at the sound of babywailing.
But the baby thing is just half the main characters.. The other two I like a lot.
I think I'm in love with my new icon. Is there anything hotter than a ninja with books?
Tired. Very broke; spent the last of my money buying essentials on my way home. Payday is tomorrow.
And the next day, I'll be going to Sweden to spend a disturbingly large portion of it. >_>
But not doing a major purchase like the gigabit switch this time, I should do better for a while.
Having issues with Matsuri. Apparently Samba support is not installed, and it refuses to install because of trouble with other things that it depends on and crap. Maybe I'll just reinstall the OS.. I seem to have messed with it more than I should have.. and it's not like I'll lose anything.
Ooooh. Just found something. It said in the terminal window that I had mail.. located the file, and..

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I think that thing about the fonts may be part of the problem - the package that fails to install correctly is something font-related. Right now this appears as gibberish to me, but I'm archiving it here for when I will be able to comprehend it.

Easter vacation will be a time for doing stuff I normally don't have time for. Like this.