March 16th, 2005

Cow on a hill



And the false feeling of being rich. Since easter is coming up, I got an advance on the money I'd normally receive two weeks from now.

So I have a lot of money, but 28 days until next payday. Must proceed with caution. I say that, and rush to and place an order.

Just some stuff I need to buy before it becomes extinct.

And that's why I despise the music industry. Old stuff isn't re-released, becoming hard (if not impossible) to acquire legally. It's not strange that piracy is so popular. And their attempts at copy protection, which does nothing to deter piracy, but causes a huge inconvenience to paying customers.. it's disgusting. I'll download that stuff with a clear conscience.

But I'll buy when I can. Lots of new stuff coming up soon (Yakitate!! Japan OST, Naruto OST 3, Naruto movie), so I should take this opportunity to clear some items from my wish list.

And stop procrastinating so much before going to work.
It's snowing. I don't want to go outside.

I should have made some tea and had breakfast instead of spending probably an hour catching up on LJ.. too many communities.. Perhaps I should leave a few.

More snow.


Work was a complete waste of time today. I came in late, got one mug of tea before the cafeteria closed. The network was down. Was unable to find the cause from my end, most likely someone had plugged out our segment. I played three battles in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and typed up a post, but the network did not miraculously restore itself. Saved what I wrote to my USB key.

Took inventory of my tea collection. I have 210 teabags at work, of 23 different flavors. Ten greens, twelve blacks and one herbal.  ^__^

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Much to my delight, the game (PC version, at least) is in more supply than demand, you can get it from ebay for a dollar plus shipping. Many of the sellers send internationally too, yay.

Reading the sole review on GF, the game appears to be mediocre, but interesting.

Going to Sweden tomorrow. So excited that I had a weird dream tonight, where a war broke out between Norway and Sweden.. and I was disappointed because that meant I couldn't go there to buy tea anymore.

Anyway, after work I stopped by Tourus for a börek, and purchased some mushrooms, roasted and salted sunflower seeds, incredibly expensive "Mirabelle Plum" jam, and a small box of tandoori masala spice mix.

As it was still early, I reached the local gardening center before closing time for once. Got some soil and flower seeds, and petted the kitty (no pictures, sorry). I didn't know they had a cat there.. The cat was indoors in the store, I think he belonged to the lady at the cash register. Didn't ask.

And I sit here feeling like I'm wasting time.. have so many things I should do. I should write a list and start going through the points one by one.
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女暗部 - bewilderment / distress



I have thoughts like these sometimes. Maybe humanity is a disease, genetically engineered by some master species, for the purpose of destroying this fair planet. We consume, deplete resources, reproduce, exterminate other life forms. I just can't figure out why they'd want to kill the planet.

Lately I have been increasingly uncomfortable around people. There are exceptions, like my landlady, or my co-worker. Then I pass someone on the street and it hits me that "Him! He was human, just like me."

I wonder what everyone else is.

And it's late. I should get plenty of sleep before tomorrow's Tea Quest.