April 27th, 2005


Ah, blessed payday.


I have money again. I'm sure it won't last until next payday anyway, since I am in dire need of retail therapy now.

So I'm going to buy myself one CD.

Don't know which to choose.. I'd post a poll, but I want to order it today. Can't wait until all of you have answered. :P

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So there it is. Will probably go for the full-priced Rie Fu album, or one of the lower priced ones + a single.

Also considering shopping elsewhere than Amazon. Am very pleased with their shipping speed, but they charge a bit much for shipping and handling.
Been looking at YesAsia, their shipping is cheaper, and they offer free shipping on orders just over the tax exempt amount.
I read in the news recently that they are going to do away with that thing, and charge import fees on all goods, not just the ones over 200NOK in value. Am not pleased. If anything, they should raise the limit so it'd be possible to buy a full-price Japanese DVD and not have to pay those bloodsuckers.
(On the other hand, they never billed me anything when I bought Kumo no mukou on DVD, and it was clearly over the limit - maybe they aren't paying attention?)

Anyway.. Any of you have any experience with YesAsia? How's their shipping speed?

Today's been good so far.


Slept horribly, but managed to get up before noon. Moved all my stuff off the balcony so Jan could paint it (he's working on painting the entire house). This caused us to have something vaguely resembling a conversation, which both of us conducted with politeness.

Went grocery shopping, blowing over 1/4th of the money I have left after setting aside money for upcoming expenses. Multi-vitamins are expensive stuff, but I think I need them. Allowed myself to buy some low-fat yogurt ice cream and dark chocolate, otherwise stuck to planned purchases of things I actually need. (The chocolate and ice cream were planned, by the way.)

After returning home with groceries, I fixed myself some food and tea, and sat out in the sun, reading a chapter in the current book. Then I had another mug of tea and another chapter, and the same again. Took some photos, but nothing spectacular. Might go for a short walk to try to find something for the photoblog, I haven't posted in a while. A bit tired, though. And no clue where to go.