May 15th, 2005

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[site update] It's been a good day for converting Tea to HTML.


Ended up doing a lot more than I had originally intended..

Was just going to add a character or two to the character list, and did the ending credits for episode 71 while I was at it. Still in need of a good screenshot, I watched episode 72 and 73 while I was at it, and did the credits for those as well. It was while doing a visual check, comparing my html to the video to make sure I hadn't screwed up anywhere, that I noticed one of my kanji were wrong.

I'm beyond embarrassed at my earlier mistake.. Because I basically just copied it off ANN back when I made the list. At a glance (or on the somewhat hard to read ending credits), and do look similar. Heck, I could've made the same mistake myself back then.

Lately I've been using my own means of looking up kanji and figuring out the seiyuu's name before checking if it's already in ANN's encyclopedia.. takes a lot more time, but at least it saves me from making that kind of a mistake.

Today I  have learned:
  ANN is not an ultimate authority (I sort of knew that).
  These things are not easy. (I guess I knew that too. Dammit, I didn't learn anything today!)

I should probably not be so hard on myself. It's just that.. #1 hit on google (at least when searching only in pages in English, Norwegian and Japanese like I do) for morino ibiki seiyuu is my character list.. To have its information be wrong is a travesty, and hurts my reputation.

I could probably just have corrected it without ever mentioning it and nobody would ever have noticed.

It's funny.. I can allow myself to make mistakes as long as they are my own, original mistakes. Heh.

It's late and I should sleep.. The site update consumed the time I had planned to spend on making apple cake. Meh, tomorrow. Should make an effort to leave the house tomorrow too. Maybe go up to Båntjern again..
green tea

Oh yes, and...


kimivalkyrie or anyone who has read the Trinity Blood manga: Is it supposed to be Crusnik, Krsnik, Kresnik, what? Also, is it released in English yet or are there only scanlations? If the latter, hook me up please. :)

I wonder if even a single person was disappointed that I didn't do page four today..