June 12th, 2005




  • Sleeping pattern all borked.
  • My CDs did not arrive in the mail yesterday. No mail on Sundays. Keh.
  • The phone bill did arrive, however. Paid it, too.
  • Talked to Sigmund on the phone yesterday. Fun. We're going to have lots of stuff to share once he has the opportunity to visit me again.
  • I lack motivation and discipline. For lots of things I want to do, or should do. Or need to do, for that matter.
  • Niichan is playing Final Fantasy Tactics again. It's really making me want to play it too, and while I own the game, I don't have an US (or chipped) console, so I can only play it on emulator, and, well.. Lorelai isn't powerful enough for that. Matsuri probably would be, once I get a working Linux version installed. The current install of Ubuntu is borked.
  • If only I had an US PS2, I could play FFT and Katamari Damacy.
  • On the other hand, I'd love to get the original Japanese version of FFT. The engrish translation is horrible, and parts of the game were allegedly omitted in the US version (sidequests mostly).. At my current skill level at reading Japanese, I'd be better off with the original. But it's of course ancient and impossible to get. I'd be happy if I found an ISO of it floating around, really.. I prefer buying when it comes to things like games and soundtracks, but when that option simply doesn't exist.. I'll download without a second thought.