June 15th, 2005

Type dirty to me

Che.. stupid NIC.


The outages are definitely related to large amounts of connections, possibly to refusing large amount of connections as they've happened twice tonight after quitting or pausing a torrent. So add that to the ever-growing list of stuff that needs to be done..

And it'd be no big deal if not for the fact that changing NICs means I have to re-activate WinXP. Those bastards at Microsoft, making me go through that just because I decided I wanted to legally buy an OS for once. Pigfuckers.
What if the replacement NIC I get has an issue too? And the next? Then just one more and I need to get on the phone with them just to re-activate. That's too cruel.
I hate the system that makes things far less convenient for those who choose not to pirate.

And midnight passes by without my notice, again. Good night.
Ita-chan - Ennui

It's a beautiful day.


How could I not go up to the pond or somewhere nice?
Have no excess energy, that's why..

Anyway, I just spent some time out in the garden, drinking jasmine tea and reading a chapter and a half in my current book. It was nice. Insects and stuff distracting me by crawling over my bare legs.. It was kind of cute, watching a minuscule spider struggling to climb over the hairs of my unshaven legs. (I shave my legs for no one!)

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Nothing in the mail today.

I should go.. get a pretty photo for my photoblog. Every moment I linger is another step closer to the end of daylight. It's already a bit late.

I got out of bed just a few minutes before noon today.
I am evil

I've been waiting for it.. the day the Vile One crosses yet another line.


So I was just sitting here sorting my photos, when I was assaulted by the stench of tobacco smoke. I closed the door and decided that no, I'm not going to take this anymore. I went downstairs to tell him to stop.

"Jan, you mustn't smoke there. It goes straight up to me" I said to him, with no hostility in my voice. Asking him to stop, not demanding.

His reaction? Unbelievable. "Where else would I smoke?"

"Somewhere else"

Then he got all defensive and claimed he had a right to smoke in the garden (that's a patio, idiot. not a garden), said to close the door, he was on the phone, blah blah, and he ended his tirade by slamming the door and calling me "fittekjerring" (cuntbitch).

I went back upstairs, brought my laundry indoors, closed and locked the door, and stuck my dagger in my belt. Shaking a little. I expected him to get defensive and shit, but not like this. His mother is going to hear about this, and I am going to ask again that he gets thrown out. I can't be expected to live together with someone who treats me that way.

I'm going to go out in the woods now anyway. See you guys in a couple of hours.
I worry that he's going to enter my room while I'm gone and either steal, sabotage or defile. Should've requested getting a lock back when I first thought of it.

So I went out to the pond..


Which means photos! ^_^

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And the great irony is that the vile one left the house just before I did, and came back shortly after my return. But I'm still glad that I went.. I'm still angry at him, but it was nice to be out in the woods, surrounded by living creatures that held no hostility toward me.