September 12th, 2005

女暗部 - bewilderment / distress

More weird dreams.


The dreams I had tonight tells me I need to get out of here now.

I don't know if I was asleep at that point or not.. Probably the effect of the drug, it does make things seem to just float around and change shapes. Felt like my bed was leaning over, kind of like on a ship in strong waves. The clutter on my old bed (still beside the new one) twists and changes shapes, I see faces.. They revert to normal when I reach out and touch them, but it feels like I'm about to fall out of my bed. I reach back and touch the wall and know that my bed isn't leaning out from the wall..

I actually enjoyed that part. Although I am normally freaked out by inanimate objects moving, these held no malice.

Later I woke up from the sound of Jan's voice calling my name. Lying awake for a while, wondering if it came from dream or reality. Dream, I finally decided; he'd have persisted in getting my attention if it had been real.

I fall asleep again. In my dream, the house is larger, I have several rooms at my disposition. And dammit, he is still using my shower. Walking in on me too. I got to see him naked in the dream, eww. And he acted all smug as if his body was some kind of god's gift to women's eyes.

Later in the dream I "wake up" from hearing him call my name through the door, again. He keeps saying stuff I can barely hear, so I call for him to wait a little, get out of bed, put on my robe, go to answer the door. He's there, as well as some guy I don't recognize. He's short, I try to figure out where I've seen him before until I see the cable (like a power cord or something, white) in his hands and the look of cruelty on his face. I realize the danger I'm in. They're already in the doorway so I can't close the door on them, so I lunge for the phone, desperate to call for help even though I know I won't make it in time.

I wake up.

It's only four or something, so I eventually fall asleep again. The next dream is far more pleasant. Takes place at a school near the sea. They have several kinds of activities involving the water. The marine life is amazing; fish I've never seen the like of. And the school uniforms are awesome.. like something out of an RPG. Very fancy. I'm with parts of my family.
Then there's some parts that are a bit unclear. There was a part about some fancy solar cell-powered Russian lifeboat (as in, the instructions have lines like "Keeping the Russians inside warm during the night", etc.) and I'm not even sure I'm there, but some guy (who looked like he could've come straight out of Kyou kara maou) was riding this speedboat. He'd been lost for some time but was now being returned to his allies. The lead guy is talking to some other guy on a cell phone, about having found him. Guy takes over, introduces himself (argh! I can't remember what his name is!), and the one at the other end says something like "is that you I see behind me?" and before he can answer, the guy turns around, aims a pistol straight at the oncoming guy, and fires, killing him dead. O_o

And that's when Odessa woke me up with that mouse.

Maybe I should lay off the drugs. I don't seem to sleep any better with them than without. I drift easier into sleep, but there's nothing to keep me there.
Type dirty to me

I voted, went out in the woods, and now I have beer.


The Beer of Sneaky Triumph. When I was out buying beer last week, I got three beers: a can of Norwegian beer I know I like, and two different foreign beers yet unknown to me. I only put two in the fridge, so that bastard piece of shit didn't steal all my beer.

And the Beer of Sneaky Triumph tastes good. ^_^

well then, photos.

I hate it, but the summer is just about over.
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