September 16th, 2005

Retro gaming, Commodore 64, Forbidden Forest

Now I remember why we used to mock the PC so much.


So I want to play one of my old favorites again. Shattered Lands. I can't find the CD it's on (it was part of an AD&D collection I bought years ago and I can only find two of the four or five CDs), so I've downloaded it illegally instead. I paid to play the game, and I'm going to play it.

But I don't have enough conventional memory.
Even after booting from the boot disk.

aetherspoon has been valiantly trying to assist me in freeing up Ao-chan's conventional memory, and while we have made some progress, there have also been setbacks, and we have not yet succeeded.

Because I feel like it, I'm drinking tonight.. so instead of being frustrated, I just find it amusing and comical. Especially how, after removing display, himem started using the amount of memory display used to in addition to its usual.

This cloudberry liquor is divine.
Rock Lee - 愛!

Oh this feels so good.


How long has it been since I've been really drunk? I've been drinking a few times recently, but not like this.

And it's 3 AM again.. the time I've been going to bed lately.

I need an alcohol icon.. about as much as I need another six tea icons. :D
which is to say, I need it
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