September 18th, 2005

Hiding in plain sight

Things that have been missing for over a year:


  • My library card
  • The remote control to my TV

By all logic, both items have to be in my room somewhere. Why can't I find them?
There is also the slight possibility of either being in a bag of clutter stashed away in the attic.. Chances that they've been thrown out are damn near zero.
I suppose they could've been stolen, but WTF? If you sneak into my room, there are more valuable items you'd steal.

This is starting to annoy me.

I haven't really missed the remote. I'm not so lazy that I can't get up and push the volume control on the TV itself. But I'd like to go check out some books at the library. Sure, I could get them to issue a new card for a small fee, but it's so embarrassing to ask for a new card when I've never actually checked out anything on the original card. ^_^;

The library's selection of English books is poor, but I figure they have to have the Harry Potter books, and I'd like to read them without a huge blow to my wallet. Chances are that once read, I won't feel the need to read them again, so why have books gathering dust on my shelves?