September 28th, 2005

Type dirty to me

Silly meme and equally silly poll.


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I just find the current mood field (and current music, to a lesser degree) to be stupid. I shouldn't need to advertise those things. It'd be like wearing a T-shirt with "miserable" printed in huge block letters on it, while chatting about how cool my latest trip to where ever I went was. I might have been miserable in the morning when I put on the shirt, or maybe I had just forgotten to do my laundry and it was the only clean shirt I had left. Now I'm thinking I should get a bunch of T-shirts with zombies on them, because that's how I usually feel in the morning. Except I tend to go "Teeeeeeaa~" rather than "Braaaaaiiiins!"

They say the price of freedom is eternal vigilance..


It's that time of the month again, when my evil organ tries to further her plan for the destruction of the world. She revolts against the foreign object lodged inside her, trying to expel it, sending waves of stabbing pain in an attempt to persuade me to get the offending piece of copper removed.

Uterus, I hate you. Please die. All you do is bring pain and suffering, and you can't for a second fool me into thinking that anything you spawn could be unaffected by that fact.
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