October 5th, 2005

make tea. not war. 4 (blue)

Introducing new anime of the season, part 1.


Idaten Jump

Category: Sports (mountainbiking), Annoying Kids
Definitely aimed at kids; it uses much simpler language, and I could understand most of it. This is the story of Shou, a kid who loves mountain biking and wants to be great like his dad. His dad made his bike, "Flame Kaiser". One day while Shou is out with his two friends, he is challenged to a race by some goon, and while racing, they are swallowed up by plot holes and end up in another world, where Shou is challenged to a race by a fat goon. It seems bike races is the thing in this world. Shou and his friends are helped out by a mysterious cape-clad person who explains a few things and gives him a helmet that reminds me of too many kids' shows.
Initial rating: poor

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