October 11th, 2005

Cats glow in the Dark

Introduction to new anime, part 3.


Fighting Beauty Uuron

Category: Fanservice/Martial Arts

This series seems to take place in Osaka, so everyone speaks Kansai-ben and therefore I understand even less than usual. So some of my info may be inaccurate or downright wrong. :P

Initial rating: Okay if you like seeing women beat up bad guys and/or each other.

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Meanwhile, in my life..


Saw my doctor again today. It went quite well. She's changed her mind and is now supportive of my decision to get sterilized. Wohoo. So we talked a bit about what the surgery is like, and I'm just as convinced as before that I want it.
The only reason I hesitate is because I hope that our new government will overturn the old's decision to have the patient pay a fortune for the procedure. My father did offer to pay for it, but I'd like to confirm that he was serious before I sign the document declaring I want to be fixed. I don't want to be a burden on my parents, but more than that, I want my tubes tied.

Sometimes you just have to face the fact that you can't make it on your own, and just accept the kindness you are offered.
女暗部 - bewilderment / distress

More blah


Barely got out of bed. Even now, I'm tired and just want to crawl back in (for a second time this morning).

There's nothing for me to do today, except checking the mail to see if that 256MB stick of ram I bought off someone on qxl arrived yet.

Tomorrow is payday, which in itself is a pretty joyous occasion. But I've already planned how I'm going to spend the money. There won't be anything left. I'm getting a nice, inexpensive combo drive (or maybe a DVD burner - I don't really need another, but it would be handy if the first broke) for Matsuri, so Secunda can have the CD-rom. And a small hard drive for Secunda. Then I can experiment with various Linux distros. That should keep me safe from boredom for at least a week, possibly two. And while I'm at the computer store, I'll pick up another spindle of DVDs, as I am starting to run low again.

And I'm getting an inexpensive cell phone.. My parents may sponsor the initial cost a little, and the monthly cost is pretty low. Even then, there won't be much left for food and manga this fortnight.

I really need to get a job so I can have a real income.
Shizune - お茶大好き

Okay, that cheered me up.


So I'm over at okcupid (which is creepy in a way), answering their hundreds of questions because it amuses me. Then the question comes up, "Do you own any dice with more than six sides?"
I answer Yes, and that my Ideal Match's answer should be Yes, and that their answer is mandatory - in other words, I don't want to be matched up with non-roleplayers. :)

Otherwise, I've been pretty much ded all day.