January 2nd, 2006


Alive and well and then some


Did any of you have new year's dreams? I had several..

I had a dream with three different kinds of zombies, each with its characteristics. There was the classic rotting corpse, just with a thicker head and fat neck, something that looked kind of like a large sponge with thousands of teeth, and I don't remember what the third type was. I could kill them, but they'd respawn shortly, so there were always at least two around at any given time. It was kind of like a puzzle game. And I had a large slab of meat that I squeezed blood out of (zombies were attracted to blood, not brains), so they'd go where I left a blood trail. I had to use this, and the knowledge of where each one would respawn when killed, to keep them away from other people.

In my other dream, I had to retrieve a powerful artifact (a gold ankh necklace, that I think I had discovered in an earlier dream) in order to activate two golems to help in a war. In a desert.

And I think there was a third dream, but I don't remember it now.

New year's resolutions: Move, and read at least twice as many books as I buy, and at least 42 books total.

Have spent most of my money. Now have a PS2, several games, a few books, stuff. Still need to buy We Love Katamari, but that's about it.