January 31st, 2006

Retro gaming, Commodore 64, Forbidden Forest

I only made one mistake..


And that was popping my Final Fantasy Tactics disc into my PS2. Dear gods, that game is sucking up all the spare time I have. Have reached chapter three. I don't remember the requirements for all the classes perfectly, but I just unlocked Bard, and I remember Mime required Squire level 8, Chemist level 8, and.. something. I don't remember what I needed to unlock Calculator either, but I'll inevitably figure it out again soon, no need to remind me. It's more fun this way.

So, today is the day. I'm heading out shortly to look at an apartment. I'd say something dramatic like "I don't think I could be more nervous" but that's a bald faced lie; I have been far more nervous than this in the past.

There is, of course, the fear that it doesn't work out and that I'm stuck here for who knows how much longer. I'm pretty sure that is the source of my anxiety. Having an 'escape plan' - even just a tentative one - has improved my mood considerably.
Oh yeah, and my landlady returned the other day.
Rock Lee - 愛!

I'm back.


I like the place quite a lot. Although it's kind of hard to tell after dark in the winter, it doesn't seem like all that bad a place to have a cat. Weighing the choices of what's best for her and what's best for me, overall the better choice is moving.

I'm far from alone in being interested in the apartment, though. I'll know whether I get it or not tomorrow night. The ceiling is slanted on both ends, so my bed and bookcases probably won't fit. I could always sleep on a mattress on the floor until I can get another bed. The bookshelves are the convenient IKEA ones, I can just get shorter poles and use the same shelves.

So it's not a huge disaster if I'm not the chosen one. There will be others. But still, I really hope I'll get it. I think Odessa would like it too, although she'll miss being able to enter on her own like she can here when I leave the ventilation hatch open.

Now I deserve Tea, chocolate, and four hours of FFT. ^_^ <_<