March 9th, 2006

Cow on a hill

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Game Progress: "Finished" Daggerfall - that is, completed the last of the storyline quests. Then free to roam the countryside and do whatever I want, which is not very interesting when I've already done every quest under the sun multiple times.

Started my new character, a Dark Elf custom juggernaut who is going to become so powerful it's not even funny. Made it to level 3, which gives him 125 HP. Yes, nearly half of what Izumi had at level 19. Anyhow, this character is evil and is going to join the Dark Brotherhood. Possibly also become a vampire. So when he takes a quest to escort a guy somewhere, and assassins from the Dark Brotherhood show up and kindly ask me to hand him over to them.. He does just that. Because refusing would drop his rep with the Brotherhood, making it harder to join later.

I could have sworn I had something else to write about other than Daggerfall.. Worth a mention is that I now have reason to believe that the vile one intentionally sticks his hair up on the shower cabinet wall just to piss me off/make me uncomfortable.

I have 32 tabs open in Firefox with stuff I need to read and/or reply to. -_- Some that are several days old. How did I ever manage before tabbed browsing? (And when are they going to fix Firefox so it releases memory after a tab is closed - I don't re-use tabs, and I open most links in new tabs.. have to quit and restart the browser every other day.)