April 8th, 2006

Hiding in plain sight

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Yesterday was horrible. Today has been pretty good.. for once it wasn't snowing in the morning.. or maybe it was and I just wasn't awake for it; I got up at noon. Yes, I spent nearly thirteen hours in bed. -_-
The only bad thing about today was how dirty things are around here.

Had a second chat with the only interesting guy who has ever IMed me on OKCupid. (Haha, Semagic's spelling suggestion for OKCupid is "stupidest"). Afterward, I called up Tina, whom I have not really talked to for months. I don't like how I just fall out of touch with people. And it really does get harder the longer I wait. So we might get together for some fun sometime this month. (Yay!)

I wonder.. if I hadn't called, would we both have waited until she needed computer assistance again?

I might need to stay overnight at the hospital after my surgery just for the fact that I'm alone - you're not supposed to be alone for the first 24 hours. And, well, everyone I know have either work or school, and I can't ask them to take time off. It'll be okay, Odessa has been alone for a day before, but I'll miss being online. I suppose I'll spend the time reading.. I'm way behind.
It just seems so silly, to stay overnight at a hospital that is walking distance from home.

Spent much of today playing Katamari Damacy. Made a few new records, picked up another cousin or two, but no further Royal Presents.
Kuchiki Rukia - Not an Artist

Sometimes I am ashamed of my father.


So he calls me and says he has this spyware (doubleclick) that keeps reappearing. I get him to install UltraVNC so I can get a look at it from here, but his ports are closed so I can't connect to him. Not having anything better to do, I go out there.

I get him to show it to me, and there, scanning with Spybot Search & Destroy is the result of a tracking cookie from doubleclick.net. I then configured IE to block third-party cookies, and added AdBlock to Firefox (he uses both).

After that, we had fun times talking about various stuff, listening to music. I showed off the wonders of VNC connecting to my home computers, and installed mIRC and made it SSL-capable so he can talk to me on IRC. Played Lazy Jones on the C64 emulator on his XBox just to see that it worked. Finally, part to compensate me for my time, partly because I don't really have any more money than I need to pay for my upcoming surgery, we went grocery shopping and he paid for my stuff.

I wish people would realize that they don't need to have computer issues to call me and get me to hang out with them. I enjoyed today, I really did, but the original reason for the visit was just stupid.