May 9th, 2006


(no subject)


Went to see an apartment for rent nearby my mom's place. It wasn't that bad, but there were several things about it I didn't quite like. Mainly that the ceiling was kind of low - I could reach up and touch it. Built-in bed, so I couldn't use my own, which means I'd lose out on the underbed storage. Nice kitchen, nice toilet/bathroom. The bedroom/livingroom was a bit small. Price same as my current place. They aren't actively trying to rent it out, so it'll likely be available for a long time. I consider it a backup plan, if I can't find anything else. They also have two dogs there, so Odessa would probably not be happy. Also, there is a cellar (where they have their freezer) they can only access by going through the apartment's kitchen.. that'd be annoying.

I'm mainly concerned with all the changes that would come with moving that far.. having my mail re-routed, getting a new doctor, shrink, contact person at aetat, etc. I'd like to get someplace in the same part of town where I live now, preferably closer to the woods.

I might be able to get something better out here.. but not in Oslo, unless I had a significantly higher income.

Still no sign of Odessa.