May 29th, 2006

Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

Another Odessa update.


When will I have my own life again? Now I'm just Odessa's babysitter. -_-

So I took her to the vet.. the wound was infected, but it didn't look all that bad to me. Her temperature was slightly elevated, but not high enough to be a fever. The vet was mystified by the eye bleeding, but thought it could be caused by the infection. Got antibiotics and eye drops.

She had one bleeding episode around 9:30, and another one on the way back from the pharmacy. Again at 17:20 and one just now at 20:15. She's been resting a lot, as have I. The sunshine on the way was far too much for me.

She's got a collar to prevent her from licking at her wound. At first she bumped into everything, but I guess she's remembering her days just after being spayed, and she is now moving about with a modest amount of grace.

The veterinarian visit + meds cost me over 1000 kroner. -_-
(remembered to get Frontline and de-wormer while I was at it.)

Odessa is no longer allowed onto the veranda unsupervised, after she climbed down while wearing her screen collar. I had gone downstairs to cook, came back up for something, decided to check on her and found she was on the ground outside. Hindered by the collar, she had no chance of running away, and I promptly returned her to my room.