June 13th, 2006

Chuunin - Iruka

Shopping trip of DOOM!


For those of you who know Norwegian, you may find this thread at VG nett amusing - tons of stories of cheap people.

My meeting at aetat yesterday went fairly well.

Shopping trip to Sweden today. I bought some wine and stuff, spent a bit more on chocolate, and more than both of those two combined on foods. So now the freezer is well stocked, I have enough chicken to last me probably half a year, and I am approximately 2000 kroner poorer.

And randomly following links on wikipedia taught me that a spayed female ferret is called a sprite.

So I'd say my day has been pretty interesting. Not mundane at all. The sunburn I got yesterday didn't bother me much, and I remembered sunblock today, so it hasn't worsened at least. ^_^