August 22nd, 2006

Gan-chan, Iwata Mitsuo

I'm like a kitten around yarn


You might wonder why I haven't posted for over a week. What have I been up to?

...I've been knitting.

All my friends on IRC have been surprised by this development.
I just felt like starting again. I have a third (now more like a half) of a scarf I started on years ago, that I picked up not long ago, and found strangely addicting to work on again. Over the past week I've bought several knitting needles and bundles of yarn. A few days ago, I made something else than a scarf or a potholder for the first time. I made a cat toy. Then I made a pouch for my cell phone. I started working on another, somewhat larger bag/pouch, but then I ran out of that kind of yarn. Only managed to get more today.

Anyway, this years-old scarf.. the ball of yarn I use is in the shape of a ball; I remember bundling it up myself, years ago, and I think I started by bunching it around a scrap of paper.. I wonder if anything is written on it. It could be a message from my past self. I'll reach it within the next couple of days, I think. This is so exciting!

I really need to learn how to knit socks and funny hats, though.