December 19th, 2006

Self greenhair

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Hopefully this will spread like a meme, though it's probably too meaningful for that.

What would you like me to post about?

I'll cheat and go first.

aetherspoon or anyone else playing Oblivion, I want an entry written in the voice of your character, detailing his experiences on a random quest.

In other news.. yesterday's planned shopping trip of DOOM! to Sweden got canceled due to vehicular breakdown. I decided to spend the day giftmas shopping instead, and got several shiny things. Not quite done yet, but I'm getting there.

Awesome moment of the day was when a random person on the streed complimented me on the color of my jacket (bright limegreen). ^_^

I did get a little bit of human contact during the day.. at the train station, there was some new "download station" of a kind, where you could buy music or audio books directly to your mp3 player. They had a few free books, so I decided to try, but unsurprisingly, my mp3 player wouldn't register. They guy there was pretty helpful and I told him all about my mp3 player's stupid requirements of WinXP with media player 10, and we talked for a couple of minutes about different OSes. He had been considering trying out Linux, and I recommended ubuntu, and told him that if he was going to set up a dual-boot, to install windows first.

Today, I stayed in bed. Awoke to my alarm early in the morning, took my meds, and went back to sleep. From sunrise to sunset, I stayed in my bed, drifting in and out of sleep more times than I care to think of. And I still have that sleep deprivation headache.

Dentist appointment of DOOM! tomorrow.

I just logged in to check the due date on my library book, and it's not due until the 27th. I think I can actually finish it by then. Furthermore, I can even extend the due date again, since no one else have requested the book. So that's one less stress point, at least.

In MM6, I only have the assault on The Hive left.. I should finish off that game and install SMAC:SMAC. Or start my all-knights party.

But first, breakfast. At 17:00.