Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Another mundane day in the life.


Worked on Matsuri yesterday or so. Can't get the video card to output to the TV properly, it is old anyway, so I'll buy a new-but-inexpensive one next week. I got several codecs installed, and she plays x264 nicely, hovering around 50% CPU usage while playing.

I feel a bit lonely out here. Called my family today, but both of my youngest siblings already have plans for the weekend. Sigmund and my father already went to visit grandmother without me, Sigmund said they tried to contact me, but dad's phone was screwed up. Hello, email anyone? I'm typically at my computer, TB checks my email every seven minutes. Chances are you can reach me on short notice. Heck, I'm more likely to read my email than to answer my phone. My cell is usually on silent, and I won't hear my landline if I'm in the kitchen. I'm still not completely used to having a cellphone, there have been times I've forgotten to take it with me, but I'm getting better at it.

I've checked out yet another new anime: Yomigaeru Sora ~ Rescue Wings, about a guy who wanted to be a jet fighter pilot, but instead was assigned to pilot a rescue helicopter. I only watched episode one, so he hasn't seen any action yet - transferred to a new town, stuff. While I expect to get emotional during the series, I never thought it would happen so early. I was crying when he moved into the apartment. Felt a deep sense of longing. I want that clean slate.

My Daggerfall character recently found a nice town in Glenpoint, called Knightstower, where she has bought a house. The town sports a bank (obviously, as you can only buy houses at banks), Mages' Guild with a short way to get to the Teleportation guy, a Thieves' Guild, a Dark Brotherhood (but they won't talk to me because I'm not a member) and a Resolution of Z'en, the temple Izumi is a member of. No Fighters' Guild, though.  I like walking through my nearly-empty house. I wish they'd have implemented it better, though. Put something in a shelf and it disappears forever, but drop it on the floor and it stays (I think.. haven't experimented much). I just wish my house could have bookshelves that I could arrange all books in alphabetically, and a wardrobe. I suppose I should be happy I could buy a house at all.
Izumi just turned level 18, too.. Replaced some of her crappier magical items, ran out of soul bound Daedra Lords. Will capture more at the next opportunity so I can cram very much magic into an item, with no unwanted side effects.

I can't quite say I'm bored - I have anime, TV series, books, games.. plenty of entertainment.. but I feel restless, and long for companionship.
Tags: computer geekery, daggerfall

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