March 2nd, 2007

Self greenhair

It's small, but still an accomplishment.


At work all week, no significant delays (and those could all be blamed on public transport not keeping schedule). Welcome to the NHK volume 2 for me~

Good thing I got cat food after work on tuesday, or I'd have run out yesterday.

Made the goal of over 10k steps yesterday. That's two down and nineteen to go.

I gave in to the temptation and bought a 1GB memory card yesterday, so now I can take photos again. It was only late at night I realized I had completely forgotten to ask about the read/write speed of the card.. and the neither the packaging nor the website will tell me this critical piece of information. I've only taken a few photos so far, and haven't noticed any difference in speed, so maybe the camera's transfer speed is the bottleneck anyway.

It's March already, and I haven't decided what my Online Retail Therapy of the month is going to be. Maybe I don't need it as badly as I did in January and February anyway. If I can manage to empty the clutterbox (which I really doubt I'll get around to) before the month ends, it'll be Planetes. is down, so I'm more bored than usual. In knitting progress, I'm done with the pattern on the hat I'm working on, so it's all single-color knitting the rest of the way. It looks pretty good, though a bit blocky - would probably be prettier if it was more detailed.