March 31st, 2007

Cow on a hill

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Couldn't sleep Thursday night, until 6:30 Friday morning. Stayed in bed 'till after noon, and naturally didn't go to work. So that makes one out of four this week. I suck.

I made some progress in cleaning my room yesterday, and I did some vacuuming elsewhere in the house. It's ridiculous how much dust there is here. Harriet should just hire some Eastern European cleaning lady if she can't keep the house clean herself (which she clearly can't). I would if it was my house.

Another pet food recall - this time hitting much closer to home for me: That's the same brand/series I feed Odessa, but not the specific variety.

Odessa is very active and cuddly now. She often gets under my blanket with me and shares her warmth with me while I try to sleep. I frequently see her around outdoors - maybe the attic isn't as interesting anymore.