November 7th, 2007

smac - Sinder Roze

All added up, it was a good day.


I got up after hitting the snooze button twice, and got to NAV before eleven. Had to wait an hour before I could see my case worker, because the drop-in hours are only from 12 to 14:30 three days a week. Good thing I got there so early, though, because by the time noon came around, at least one other person was waiting in line for the same guy.

I was crying quite a bit, but I managed to say what I wanted to (completely forgot to mention that my travel expense payments have been absent since summer, though), and he assured me that I'm not being cut off - I'll continue to receive financial support until the end of the year, with a possibility of another two months' extension if things aren't worked out by then. I'm hoping to get on disability. My case worker also talked about that "rehabilitation" thing, which I think is useless. It's all geared to getting people back to work after long periods of unemployment. I can't go back to a place I've never been. There'll be a meeting soon where plans will be laid.

Today's meeting took about 35 minutes, so I had plenty of time to get to therapy at 14:00. Only downside is that by the time the session started, I was already out of tea. :P

Therapy was fun today. Also helped out a random guy in the waiting area because I usually carry a map of town in my bag.

Afterwards, I went shopping for groceries, and managed to get my 10k steps of the day. Then I went back home and watched the rest of Hitohira (which I watched the first six episodes of yesterday). Also played more Xcom. Will finish the game soon, I think.

Also got to help out an LJ friend with a minor, but unusual computer problem. I feel great about having been useful today - even more than I feel good about making progress in my case. A sign of low self esteem, valuing others' welfare as more important than one's own.

Lastly: Discovered that Odessa likes pickled pumpkin. I was snacking on some, and dipped my finger in the liquid and let her lick it. She seemed to like it a lot. I fished out the smallest piece I could find and gave it to her, and after licking it for a while, she ate it.