Astral Viking (kriatyrr) wrote,
Astral Viking

Another nearly pointless day.


Game progress: Have slain the man who murdered King Lysandus, making the city of Daggerfall safer for those poor people who can't fight ghosts and wraiths. There's still some plot left, but not a whole lot. My level 18 Healer is ridiculously powerful, as long as she wears her regular spells. The game would  be much harder if enemies regularly dispelled you, or if they'd cast both Silence and Paralyze at the same time. (In which case I'd carry an ITEM that'd let me cast Free Action, as items can be used regardless of silence and paralysis - and there is no spell to cancel Silence, as all spells requires voice. Well, I suppose Dispel Magic might cancel Silence, but.. yeah)

Life progress: Nothing, as usual. I was supposed to meet my case worker at 10:30 today, but he wasn't there. -_-

Tea progress: Three cups so far today. Acquired more Heath & Heather Night Time, which most health food stores are perpetually sold out of. It doesn't help me sleep one bit, but it tastes great. And I try to stick to caffeine-free alternatives after 20:00.

Weather: Perpetual light snow and moderate wind since this morning. Very pretty to look at from a warm home, quite unpleasant to venture out in.

Computer progress: Waiting for payday tomorrow to get Matsuri a new video card. Free space on Lorelai keeps dropping and rising, the former more than the latter.

Mood: Near depressed, longing for.. a life less ordinary, I guess. I feel like I'm wasting my limited time here on Earth on pointless things.
Tags: everyday boring entry

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