February 29th, 2008

make tea. not war. 2 (green)

SMAC by candlelight


The past couple of days have been marked by frequent thunderstorms, and power outages to match. Last night I was even woken up by thunder, twice. Approximately 1 second delay between flash of light and booming thunder.

I spent a lot of last night playing SMAC again.. power was restored before the battery ran out, though. My grandparents' phone line has been knocked out. I'm glad the DSL is fine.

I had a chat with my new doctor yesterday, and it went very well. I have to write my old doctor and ask to have my journal sent over, yet another thing added to an already long list of Stuff That Must Be Done.

Still haven't tried going into the cellar. Still need to release the spiders, but I can only think of one place that's appropriate for them, and it's a place I might want to go to sometimes. Other than my cellar. Ngh. I know, I should just release them somewhere and they'll find their own suitable habitat just fine.