April 27th, 2008

ginko with tea 1

Status report.


There are a lot of slugs in my garden. I pretty much have to watch where I step. The black forest slug seems to be the predominant species so far.
Also lots of ticks and spiders. I suppose that's the downside to living in gorgeous Brosvika. That, and the lack of really juicy broadband. And public transportation. Really, I love it here, though. There are hardly any people at all. I can sleep with my front door unlocked. I can be alone.

In other news, I am returning to AnimeRPG. I'm almost done re-making Nashira, and while she has next to no offensive capabilities, I think she'll be able to hold her own in combat. Time will tell.. I'm not exactly familiar with this system, but I've had help from the experts. I should be ready to go adventuring again by tomorrow.