May 26th, 2008

random cute guy

Oh wow, a month since I last updated.


Stuff that has happened:

-Odessa has a mysterious limp. I examined her, but found no visible injury. Fear it may be paralysis due to that tick bite she got. She seems to be much better now, though. Maybe she just took some blunt force damage and it's finally healed. Will continue to observe her.

-Things are a lot greener. Also, had a major shopping trip a while ago, and now have more gardening supplies. I've dug up a field in my garden where I've planted sweet peas, but unfortunately Odessa seems to think of this field as her personal outdoor litterbox, so I fear the plants won't be allowed to grow up. I've also planted more chives and watermelon, as well as some spinach. Yeah, I'm not really inclined to grow flowers when I can grow food instead. And lawns are pretty much useless in my mind.

-Fresh food is a luxury as I don't have many opportunities to go grocery shopping.

-I'm role-playing again and it's awesome. I love playing Nashira. Also, today rekenner EMed for antimerus and me, and it was a blast. (aetherspoon was supposed to play too, but had unexpected issues with his UPS.) With lots of help, I've managed to create my old character idea of Cressi, the savage who gains powers by eating the monsters she defeats. Said monsters have to be defeated without using magic or enchanted weapons, or there is no benefit to eating them. Kind of hard when the other characters all use enchanted weapons, except if we are fighting multiple enemies.

The world is made of LOVE AND PEACE!