July 3rd, 2008

smac - Sinder Roze

Return trip plans


Bought my train ticket for the return trip today. Thursday, one week from now, was the earliest I could get an affordable ticket for the departure that arrives early enough in Bergen where I can get to Brosvika the same day.
I have to get up pretty early, have mom drive me to the train station so I can catch a train to Oslo, wait there for an hour [as I don't want to risk taking the train an hour later, where I'd have a mere six minutes to make my connection], take the train to Bergen, wait there a couple of hours, take the boat to Rysjedalsvika, wait there a few minutes, and take the ferry to Rutledal, where I'll hopefully have someone to drive me the last part of the way as I'll have loads of baggage and will be tired.

In the mean time, I'll be spending some time in the basement, sorting through my boxes of stuff, throwing out stuff that I don't truly need. Oh, and I found a few blank DVDs in my stash, so I can possibly do something about my lack of free space too.