October 24th, 2008

Cow on a hill

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Went to Førde today. Spent more than I planned to, but most of it wasn't on frivolous things. Also made 10k steps for the first time in weeks. Good supply of cat food; won't run out while I'm abroad now. But it was rainy and miserable. Still, I'd say the good points outweigh the bad.

Started using Twitter. Same screen name. Will set it up to broadcast here later.

So tired. I think I'll go crash in bed now.
I am evil



My modem/router partially died this morning. Matsuri booted successfully on the first attempt after a power outage, TWICE, but couldn't get online. Can't reach the modem by cable at all. Tried different cables and computers. Tried each of the different ethernet ports. Dead.
But the wireless part of the unit still works! I can go online with my laptop or Nintendo DS.. but not with any of my desktop computers, as they all lack wireless NICs.