December 10th, 2008

ginko with tea 1

What a day.


Yesterday, I got up around 6 PM. Today I got up at 5 AM, after just under three hours of sleep. But that's okay since I slept most of the previous day. I needed to get up early, so I took a sleeping pill at midnight, and it did its work - for all of two and a half hours. Couldn't fall asleep again after waking at 3 AM, so at 5 I just got up.

School bus at 8. Not too bad. Got to Eivindvik, meeting at NAV, and then a good four and a half hours until the bus back. Good thing I had put more anime on my PSP. Grocery shopping, then home. Then I procured more firewood, got exhausted and went to bed. Slept for over two hours. Up again. Who needs sleeping patterns? :P