February 12th, 2009

ginko with tea 1



Weather: Snow. Lots of snow. No wind, and I can't get a fire going anymore, apparently. Considering getting a newspaper subscription so I'll always have something to kindle with.

Sleep: Extremely little. Less than two hours tonight, and that wasn't even continuous.

Life: Followed my grandfather to the hospital today for a checkup. All is well. And it went surprisingly well considering how little sleep I had.

The Cat: Opted to stay inside while I went out today. She didn't regret the decision when I finally got back; cuddles first, then a quick trip out. Yesterday she shat in my flower pot again. Is the litterbox not good enough for you, lady?

Knitting: Making good progress on the socks I'm working on. Nearly finished a whole ball of yarn. Still on the easy part.

Games: I'm playing Picross a lot, and I'm getting somewhat good at it. I actually prefer free mode to normal mode.

Reading: André Bjerke - De Dødes Tjern. About halfway. The archaic language gets to me a bit, and the main/narrating character is a bit of a male chauvinist pig and I kind of hope dies (does not seem likely), but it's still a good book and kind of exciting. I wonder how the movie is.. will try to look for it after I finish the book.

Also, joined Ravelry, which so far seems awesome and I kind of feel like I don't belong, because there are so many talented, productive people there. Expect lots of photos of yarn and knitting in my flickr photostream in the near future.