October 16th, 2009

Real men drink TEA



Back in the good old days, before the Internet became common, we had BBSes. It was kind of like a message board or mailing list. And most of us used to have a witty quote after our signature. The "tagline". I used to collect them; had huge tagfiles.

My favorite, I think, was "Reality is the only obstacle to happiness."

It was my motto throughout my years as a depressed teen, deeply unsatisfied with the mundane world I lived in. "Why have we still not yet sent a person to Mars?" I asked over a decade ago. That hasn't changed yet.

I was embarrassingly ignorant about the world I lived in and how it worked. Too much fiction, not enough science. There are still new species being discovered here on Earth. And we haven't even learned how to peacefully coexist with one another here on the homeworld. Should we really let this disease spread?

But that wasn't the post I wanted to write. I was going to write about obstacles.

Today, like many other days, I got up in the late afternoon. It was a beautiful day outside - just the faintest trace of clouds in the sky, brilliant yellow and orange foliage. And it was over before I had finished showering, dressing and eating breakfast.

My sleeping issues has become an obstacle to enjoying my life. If I had been able to sleep well tonight, I'd have woken up sometime in the morning, or at least before noon, rested and ready to face the day. I'd have gone out and enjoyed the day. If I'd have got up really early, I'd have packed a lunch and gone up Såta today. The weather was perfect. I'd have lots of great photos to upload once I got back.

Tonight, I am drugging myself to sleep.

What are your obstacles?