November 7th, 2009

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Yesterday I got a twitter client for my DS. It's still very basic, but it can read my recent timeline and it can send tweets. I don't think it has any support for direct messaging, though, and the on-screen keyboard of course lacks the Norwegian special characters. But hey, it's being improved on frequently. There also doesn't seem to be a functionality to scroll back to older tweets - just the last X, where x is an entry in the config file, 10, 20, 30 or 40. And I can't edit the config file from the DS, I have to do that on a computer and copy it over to the memory card.

Since there isn't a twitter number for Norway yet, I am texting internationally when I update from my cellphone, and the cost of that accumulates quickly. Now I just need to find free wi-fi and I can do it for free from my DS.

Now if I could just get a browser for my DS too.. I'm not sure if my slot-2 card has the necessary memory expansion to run Opera or not. I tried Okiwi, but that didn't seem to work. Anyway, the DS is still shiny, and growing more useful.

Yeah, I'm just using my DS because I don't have a shiny new gadgetphone like everyone else seems to have. My cell phone is what, four years old now? And wasn't top-of-the-line back then, either. Not planning to replace it anytime soon either. It still works.
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Today wasn't bad. I got up at noon, not bad considering I laid awake until around three or four last night.

I haven't really made much progress in Getting Stuff Done, but I did cook a delicious vegetable soup which improved my mood by a lot. Because I'm so often lazy and/or tired, I sometimes go to bed hungry or go days without a warm meal. (That's okay, I get plenty of heat from all the tea I drink!)

As for knitting, not much progress there. Only just finished the cuff of the sock I cast on yesterday.

But I did get to spend some quality time with my cat. She's happy. I'm happy.