February 17th, 2010

Cats glow in the Dark

Cat updates.


I went to Førde on Monday and spent a small fortune on cat food, kitty litter and some extra stuff. (de-worming meds, brushes, treats)

Shortly after I got home late at night, Odessa came in and appeared to be injured. I think she's been attacked by something. The few wounds I managed to find were all small and not bleeding; some even looked like the skin hadn't been fully pierced. Maybe she's just mainly bruised. She really did not want to be lifted or even touched, and she even hissed at me while I examined her. She almost never hisses!

The guest kitty came back too - one time he even knocked on my bedroom window. He's the prime suspect of Odessa's attack, but I don't have any evidence, and it could have been that other cat, or a fox. I don't know. I gave her some painkiller I had left from the last time I took her to the vet. And then sometime during the night, she took off, out through the bedroom window.

Tuesday, I tried moving the litterbox and food/water into the 'future' computer lab, and locking him up in that room alone. He managed to pull the door open while I was out looking for Odessa (the door gets stuck when I try to close it and won't close fully), and was very upset at having been imprisoned like that. He ran away and I yelled at him to not come back. Oh, but he came back, just an hour or two later. I let him in mainly because if he's inside, he couldn't hurt Odessa while she's outside.

Odessa eventually came back sometime after dark. She had peed on herself, so I gave her a shallow, semi-warm bath. She did not resist nearly as much as a cat being bathed should. I wrapped her up in a towel and let her get to work on cleaning herself.

Things have stabilized here finally. I'm keeping Odessa in the north part of the house (living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom), and the guest in the south end (library, future computer lab, hallway). He still wants to come into the living room, but he seems to have accepted the downgrade to this 'apartment' - as long as he gets food, water, and a clean litterbox, and the occasional visit, he's content. I've also been working on getting some of the felted chunks of fur off him - he has a couple of ugly bald spots on his back now, so I'm not going to kick him out now. He seems to be better as well - the last two or three times I've attended to his litterbox, there have been no traces of blood in his stool, and the diarrhea has passed. I think that was caused by the expired milk I gave him. And, if we're lucky, the blood was because he ate a couple of pistachio nut shells, and not an infection in his intestines. He he's also been given a de-worming pill, and he smells less bad now.

Still need to write up a "cat found" poster. Checking the local papers every day for missing cat ads.