March 5th, 2010

Pirate Kriatyrr & Odessa

Life update.


Still no rain. We had a huge snowfall a couple of days ago, but that doesn't help. We're almost out of water. I need to do laundry. The shower I had yesterday couldn't be called such; it was more like a trickle. Today, I am not showering, out of necessity instead of laziness. I hope we have more water tomorrow, because I need to shower before what is the greatest cultural event that ever happens out here.

The library boat is coming by tomorrow!!

Also, tonight will complete the third week the guest kitty has been here. In light of his recently discovered behavioral quirks, I have decided to name him Damien. Charming and evil.

But really, he's a sweet cat. None of his attacks have been truly unprovoked; it's just hard to know what will provoke him. Presence of another cat, catnip, or being too rough when grooming him. And on the latter, he will give you a warning and a chance to stop before attacking. These notes could prove very valuable to his next owner. When he bites, he bites very, very, hard. The teeth really sink into the flesh and leaves a bruise. I hope I don't get tetanus.

On the other hand, the guest kitty is so sweet - it takes almost nothing to make him purr. He loves being brushed, as long as you don't tug too hard at the tangles in his fur. He needs a lot of love and attention, but he doesn't tolerate other cats on his territory. Maybe that will change once he gets neutered.

I think I'll miss him once he's gone. But I'll be glad to be rid of him too, so Odessa can be the queen of her own home again.
女暗部 - bewilderment / distress



That's it, then. I've lost water. When I try to turn on the tap, there's a bit of a gurgling sound and then.. nothing. No water.

This is going to be interesting. I don't have an emergency water supply on hand, but I made sure to refill my water filter pitcher last night, so it's not like I'll thirst. And there's loads of reasonably clean snow I could melt.. But it's going to suck to not be able to flush the toilet or wash my hands afterwards. >_<

And the best part is that I have no idea how long this is going to last. I'm guessing "until it rains again" since I get my water from a private well located a ways upriver.