May 6th, 2010

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Writer's Block: Talk the Talk?

With so many features available on mobile phones, talking is not always everyone’s first priority. What do you use your phone for the most? What features couldn’t you live without?

Ha. My phone is what, five or six years old now? Not particularly feature-laden. Apart from talking on it, I frequently use it as an alarm clock, or as a clock, since I do not wear a wristwatch.

There are no features I couldn't be without, but I really appreciate being able to set specific ringtones for individual callers. It really makes a huge difference to me to know who is calling as soon as it starts ringing.

I only have a cellphone because it would be a huge disadvantage to not have a phone at all. I use the internet for keeping in touch with friends and family. Mom still calls my phone a couple of times a month, and sometimes my sister does as well.

As for texting, hardly ever. Occasionally I'll text to tweet when I'm out traveling. I don't text people unless they've asked me to, or if I think an actual phone call would disturb them. I mean, there's no confirmation that the message gets read. Better to talk to them directly.

Though it would be nice to have a shiny new phone, I wouldn't buy one even if it was in my budget to do so. Shiny new phones are expensive and I need a new computer.
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